Hey Stalkers.

I have a few things too say.

First, do you like what I did. It does seem a bit girly but WHO CAN RESIST LUNA LOVEGOOD. Well, I can’t. cx

Also, I am editing my pages.

I got a tumblr. It is a Harry Potter one though so check it out:

I had a great Spring Break. Which shall be mentioned in next post.

Report Cards:

Science- A
English- A
French- B
Chorus- A
Art- A
Woodshop- A
Gym- A
Math- C
World Cultures- A

Augh, Math. Well, I didn’t get grounded that bad though. My parents were happy for all the A’s this time!

Later Stalkers!



Exposition- Intro
Rising Action- Book Review
Climax- Spring Break!
Falling Action- Teenager Posts
Resolution- Hawt Song ❤


Eh my gawsh! Sorry, Stalkers and Creepers! I am so sorry I have been gone soo long my excuses:

A) Midterms, I have to study and study super hard because I have a few high B’s in my classes and if I ace them then I will be able to have an A! I really need to study e_e Even though I hate studying, I would much rather be blogging!

B) Soccer Championships! My team the eagles are in the championships so we have been practicing like crazy. I am the goalie so I get beat up a lot. When I come home I am all xP and then I sit around study and eat starburst. Yum, I love that part of life.

Also, I just read the Hunger Games and am seeing it tomorrow which is apparently Randy’s birthday! Happy early birthday! Maybe, I should travel over to the movie theater and say hi to all your friends. Wouldn’t that be stalkerish C:

You may be wondering..TEAM GALE OR PEETA?

Screw them! I am TEAM CINNA! (You can see by my gravater btw)

I am reviewing it in my reviews so yea c:

I hate how racist people are so annoyed how Cinna and Rue are black. I just want to go and stick my middle finger at them and say “FUCK YOU!” ^-^

Rising Action:

Summary- The Hunger Games takes place in a nation known as Panem after the destruction of North America by some unknown apocalyptic event. Panem consists of a wealthy Capitol and twelve surrounding, poorer districts. As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol in which a 13th district was destroyed, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district are selected by annual lottery to participate in the Hunger Games, an event in which the participants must fight in an outdoor arena controlled by the Capitol, until only one remains. The story follows 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, a girl from District 12 who volunteers for the 74th annual Hunger Games in place of her younger sister, Primrose. Also selected from District 12 is Peeta Mellark, a baker’s son whom Katniss knows from school, and who once gave her bread when her family was starving. Katniss and Peeta are taken to the Capitol where their drunken mentor, Haymitch Abernathy, victor of the 50th Hunger Games, instructs them to watch and learn the talents of the other tributes. They are then publicly displayed to the Capitol audience in a televised session with interviewer Caesar Flickerman. During this time, Peeta reveals on-air his long-time unrequited love for Katniss. Katniss believes this to be a ploy to gain audience support for the Games, which can be crucial for survival, as audience members are encouraged to send gifts like food, medicine, and tools to favored tributes during the Games. The Games begin with 11 of the 24 tributes killed in the first day. A few days later, Katniss develops an alliance with Rue, a 12-year-old girl from the agricultural District 11 who reminds Katniss of her sister Prim. The alliance is short-lived: Rue is killed by another tribute. At Rue’s request Katniss sings to her, then spreads flowers over her body as a sign of respect—and of disgust towards the Capitol. Supposedly due to Katniss and Peeta’s beloved image in the minds of the audience as “star-crossed lovers”, a rule change is announced midway through the Games, stating that two tributes from the same district can win the Hunger Games as a pair. Upon hearing this, Katniss searches for Peeta and eventually finds him wounded. As she nurses him back to health, she acts the part of a young girl falling in love to gain more favor with the audience and, consequently, gifts from her sponsors. When the couple is finally the last two tributes, the Gamemakers reverse the rule change in an attempt to force them into a dramatic finale, where one must kill the other to win. Katniss, knowing that the Gamemakers would rather have two victors than none, retrieves highly poisonous berries known as “nightlock” from her pouch and offers some to Peeta. Upon realizing that Katniss and Peeta intend to commit suicide, the Gamemakers announce that both will be the victors of the 74th Hunger Games. Although she survives the ordeal in the arena and is treated to a hero’s welcome in the Capitol, Katniss is warned by Haymitch that she has now become a political target after defying the Captiol. Afterwards, Peeta is heartbroken when he learns that Katniss’s actions in the arena were part of a calculated ploy to earn sympathy from the audience. However, Katniss is unsure of her own feelings for Peeta.

Characters- 10

Writing Style- 7

Plot- 8

Overall- 9

Comments: I loved the characters! They are so easy to connect to and fall in love with! But not to get to obsessive like Twilight. Well, the author’s writing style kind of annoys me for some weird reason..

If You're Reading This, It's Too Late.jpg

Summary- For 500 years, the secret society of the Midnight Sun has been waiting for the homunculus, the man-made man, to rise, and now the evil Dr. L and Ms. Mauvais are going to throw Cass and Max-Ernest to the sharks unless they tell them where he is. The two are tricked by Dr. L after receiving a note from Pietro saying he will meet them on a ship, from which they barely escape. After finding out their teacher is really Owen, the accent changing member of the Terces Society, they are introduced to the great magician himself, Pietro, who gives them a mission: find the homunculus before the Midnight Sun does. Max-Ernest also finds out that ‘Terces’ is “secret” backwards. While on the Midnight Sun ship, Cass and Max-Ernest discover the sound prism], which enables her to hear all types of sounds by putting it to her ear and makes wonderful music when held carefully. Cass also discovers a birth certificate. The name is unrecognizable, thus making Cass wonder if she was the wrong girl the Terces Society wanted. She ignores it, even though it pains her, and continues her mission. Later she finds out she is really adopted. She was delivered in a box on her ‘mom’s doorstep.They team up with a new classmate named Yoji (aka, Yo-Yoji), the three need to escape the grasp of their parents, and find the alchemist’s grave. Cass convinces her grandparents to take her, Max-Ernest, and Yo-Yoji camping to find the homunculus. When they find the homunculus, they take it back to Terces, but it runs away when they find out they don’t have good food. Amber records the song from the sound prism, which attracts the homunculus, and gives it to the Skelton Sisters. They play it at a concert, and end up trapping the homunculus and Cass. They get away, but they go back up to where they went camping. Midnight Sun and Terces engage in combat, and the homunculus dies.

Characters- 9

Writing Style- 10

Plot- 6

Overall- 8

Comments: I loved the characters, especially Max-Earnest but I found the plot kind of lame to me. But what kept me reading was the authors amazing writing style, it kept me interested and wanting to read even though the plot sucked.

I was going to post the Witch and Wizard The Fire book but I found it such a bad book that it doesn’t deserve to go up here. It was terrible to me. Just an opinion so if you like it, it is your thought.


I am going to the Cayman Islands for Spring Break. My friends, brother, family are going. It is going to be a real party 😀


Well, Gina is giving me ‘un-insecure’ lessons around my boyfriend. I never wanted these but I am pretty insecure about wearing a bikini around my boyfriend. Gina is one of those girls who doesn’t care what anyone says about her. She is really nice and kind. Even though she is shy, she does not care what people think of her. I wish I was like that. Augh, why was not I given confidence. Well, at least I was given the ability to play good soccer and read books! ^-^

Well, I am sitting with Gina, Luke is sitting with Max and Clark with my brother because they are BFF’s for some really creepy reason. Which causes my brother to tease me a lot. Well, we are going 2nd class and all the adults are staying in the last class because they want their kids to have the best. That was what most of the parent’s said minus my mom. I am a daddy’s girl :3

The beach is going to be so fun! I am bringing my netbook so you will be hearing some of me. Also, I will try to post a few pics.

At least there will be nice beaches..

Falling Action:


#Hawt Song ❤


Alicia Rivera
World of the Olympians 
Randy Dandy

Haiku Time

I do love love love poems and haikus. Screw that! I love writing and stories andother things like that. Oh duh I am sorry soccer I love you too! ❤

Well, I am soo obsessed with my browser Mozilla Firefox! 😀 *proud* Well..Ok.. moving on.

Truth in Haikus

Big Storm coming soon
We must move so carefully
I’m sorry my love


What can I say now?
I know not the difference
nor the space ‘tween us

Thinking of you

Momentos remind
recklessly thinking I won
Nothing matters now.

The Rule

The water
dictates a trophy,
not a scale.

Fallen sick on a journey,
In dreams I run wildly
Over a withered moor.

An old pond!
A frog jumps in-
The sound of water.

The first soft snow!
Enough to bend the leaves
Of the jonquil low.

In the cicada’s cry
No sign can foretell
How soon it must die.

In all the rains of May
there is one thing not hidden –
the bridge at Seta Bay.

Poverty’s child –
he starts to grind the rice,
and gazes at the moon.

There some wonderfully beautiful pieces of poetry!


Hope you all have a great day! I am having a sleep over with my friends so I will talk to you all tomorrow!

Valentines Day Dance ❤

Sorry, creepers for the late post everyone.

How was your Valentine’s day?

Course mine was fine.

Well, if you were single don’t worry. There is more to life than finding love. Like books, sports, an education and friends. My friends were each others valentine’s. Gina was with Luke and Lexi with Max. They weren’t tortured at all. Just a friendly group of friends :3

I did wear this dress:

Evie dress in silk chiffon

My teachers all gave no homework except stupid french teacher. So it took me a little while to complete that. C: I suck at french yaay for me sucking at french.

Anyways, Paris’ older brother picked us up and I hung out with her for a while. 4:00.


“NO PARIS! I hate nail polish..”

“Pfft. Come on.”


“Say yes to the dress ❤”

“What the hell?”

“Jus come with me”

Paris did my hair in a fishtail braid and it turned out to look really nice. But I really didnt want her to paint my nails I hate nail polish. It has an awful smell and whenever I use it I spill it everywhere. I always ruin my nails because I am too busy to let it dry. So it smears everywhere. My wonderful experience with nail varnish. I AM SCARED OF NAIL VARNISH. It is weird. I don’t know I just hate hate hate it so much. *sorry for everyone who loves it so so much*

She painted my nails with Color so hot it burns and she used this nail marker from Sehpora to paint my nails with hearts.

I mean that girl has so much makeup it is not funny. I mean she could sell all of them and be a…Billionare so fucking bad, buy all the..” Yea never mind about that song..

Well, then Paris’ brother drove us to the school. We went Gina and Luke, Lexi and Max, Cameron and Clark.


“GINA!” -Me


“This is an awkward entrance..”  -Me

Clark was off to the side outside of the school. He had a bouquet of flowers and they were… CARNATIONS! I love love love carnations! Clark was wearing a plain shirt and khakis with a tie with hearts on it. Wow, great touch. C:

“Aw, are these for me Clark?”

“Course Adina. Your favorite flower.”

“Ha, nice touch. The whole heart tie.”

*blushes* “ look great.”


We talked for a while and he kissed me on the cheek. Cause Paris started panicking and thought that a pedo came and kidnapped me in a white van with candy. Gina and Lexi were like trying to calm her down. C: Paris does have her panic attacks.

The school looked fine, there weren’t cheap tacky ugly stupid dumb looking decorations. I guess our Student Government teamed up with the Gifted&Talented art students. You should see what those kids make. I mean the things they make are beyond amazing. I don’t have amazing art skills but I have a knack for drawing things I look at. Surreal, anime. Augh, I suck at those things. Like drawing people and nature scenes I am acceptable at those things.  I was —— this close to getting in, but I got “rejected.” BLAH GO DIE IN A HOLE ART PROGRAM CURATORS!! .-. . Anyways….

It looked pretty and Clark and me had a few dances and all.

We kissed nothing big. But Paris and Cameron *shudders and runs away* Moving on.

We went home and I had a sleepover with Paris. We had fun being crazy and all.


World of Girl
Alicia Rivera 
Randy Dandy
Lauren I
Massie Block Love 


Every kiss begins with K

Hey Stalkers! You like the makeover? The old theme made me look like a fucking emo c:

Exposition- Report Card
Rising Action- Book Review
Climax- Valentine’s Day
Falling Action- Teenager Posts
Resolution- Hawt Song ❤


Good old Report Cards. At least I did not get straight C’s…

Science- A
English- A
French- C
Chorus- B
Art- B
Woodshop- A
Gym- A
Math- B
World Cultures- B

Argh, my parents were so pissed of because of that C in French. They took away my fucking cellphone. Whose parent’s here grounds for bad grades?

Rising Action:

Summary- Five months ago, Valerie Leftman’s boyfriend, Nick, opened fire on their school cafeteria. Shot trying to stop him, Valerie inadvertently saved the life of a classmate, but was implicated in the shootings because of the list she helped create. A list of people and things she and Nick hated. The list he used to pick his targets.  Now, after a summer of seclusion, Val is forced to confront her guilt as she returns to school to complete her senior year. Haunted by the memory of the boyfriend she still loves and navigating rocky relationships with her family, former friends and the girl whose life she saved, Val must come to grips with the tragedy that took place and her role in it, in order to make amends and move on with her life.

Characters- 9

Writing Style- 10

Plot- 7

Overall- 10

Comments: Sheesh, this book was really really moving. It is more of a teen book but it is a great read.


My life has gotten super topsy turvy ever since Friday. I mean it is crazy.

We have a Valentine’s Day Dance. When it occurs, I usually load up on some books.  Grab a coffee and read the whole night. Very very fun. C:

Well, on Friday I had stayed late after soccer practice to fit in some more kicks. Basically, everyone had left. My mom was going to take a while cause she had to pick up my older brother from Math Counts. Yikes, someone else in my family got the calculating 0_0.

Anyways, Clark was there. I never really talked about Clark much did I?

He has flowy brown hair and crisp green eyes like a jungle. c: Don’t judge my similes you haterz. He is pretty popular I guess. Well, more popular than me of course. He is on the basketball and field hockey team. Which means he gets time to talk to all the ‘popular guys.’ I would rate him a 7 on my imaginary popular scale C:

So we were hanging around and I was sitting on the bench and he came over and sat next to me.

“Oh, hey Adina.”

“Hey, Clark. What are you here for?”


“Sucks to be you.”

“Naw, it was fun. So the Valentine’s Day Dance is next week?”

“Ew, detention fun. Your weird. Of course. I knew that.”

“You going with anyone?”

“Naw. Course not.”

“Hey, so will you go with me to the dance? As a couple?”

My reaction :O. I was like OMFG! HE ASKED ME OUT! I never intended on having a boyfriend in college, maybe not til then. Haha dating was least on my mind. C:. My mom actually was like GO OUT WITH SOMEONE FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Which is scary, well french people are obsessed with love and such. So I thought it wouldn’t hurt.

5 minutes later Cx

“Um..sure I guess..?”

“Great!” (has a very happy look on his face)

“Hey, Clark?”

“Yea, Adina?”

“Why in the world would you want to date me? I am a nerdy, book geek.”

“Well, I don’t care. Your really cool, nice and pretty n all.”

That moment I was like what? I have long blond hair and brown eyes. My skin is more on the light side. I wish I was tanner but no fake tans for me :O.

“Well, I don’t think I am pretty.” (snorts)

“You are. Well, I got to go! See ya at school!” (leans in and kisses me full on the lips)

My reaction: 0_0. Sheesh, my first kiss in MIDDLE SCHOOL! Way, to early. But I just smiled and waved. Guess who were the first people to hear about this?  Lexi, Ariel, Paris, Luke, Max. Well, Gina doesn’t have a phone. But I decided to tell her on Monday.

I was oovooing with Lexi and Ariel. They were super happy for me C:.

Well, more to come on Clark and my relationship..oh and the dance. I have no clue what to wear! Here’s what I thought about:

Diamond Surplice Dress from Forever 21


Evie dress in silk chiffon

 Evie dress in Silk Chaffron from J Crew.

Vote Please!

Falling Action:


#Hawt Song


I think I have new addiction instead Drake. Kelly Clarkson, I am obsessed 0_0


Flame Haze
Evon and Jill

Thanks Creepers! 200 viewers and 5 followers C:






Share the puppy love ❤

Hey stalkers! I have decided to organize my posts like they do on the blog Prettied and Polished.

Exposition –School Life
Rising Action-Book Review
Climax-Puppies ❤
Falling Action- Teenage Posts
Resolution-Hawt Music


Ok, just putting this out there. If you were looking for a girl who posts all about your life, you might as well go somewhere else. I like to post about random blurbs of things. My school life is extremely boring, here let me sum it up for you. I am bad at math but love woodshop and science. Jason and Fred love love love to insult me and currently every one of my friends think that me and Clark should go out. My friends would be rated 6 on the ‘popular scale’ and we love to talk about books and random things like that. My besties are Gina, Lexi, Ariel, Paris, Luke, Max and Cameron. I am on the schools soccer team. I hate hate hate Ellie. So there my whole school life summed into a small paragraph.

Rising Action:

Summary-  Clay Jensen, a somewhat shy California high school student, returns home from schools one day to find an anonymously-sent package sitting on his doorstep. Upon opening it, he discovers that it is a shoebox containing seven cassette tapes recorded by the late Hannah Baker, his classmate and emotional crush who recently committed suicide. The tapes were initially mailed to one classmate with instructions to pass them from one student to another, in the style of a chain letter. On the tapes, Hannah explains to thirteen people how they played a role in her death, by giving thirteen reasons to explain why she took her life. Hannah has given a second set of tapes to one of their classmates, the identity of whom Clay later discovers, and warns the people on the tapes that if they do not pass them on, the second set will be leaked to the entire student body. This could lead to the public embarrassment and shame of certain people, while others could face physical harassment charges or jail time. Through the audio narrative, Hannah reveals her pain and suffering and the slide into depression that ultimately leads to her suicide.

Characters- 8

Writing Style- 9

Plot- 5

Overall- 8


OH MY GAWSH! Amazing news, my dog had puppies  ❤.

My dog is named Bailey and she is a chocolate lab.

She had a litter of 5 puppies with my friend Max’s dog who is named Marcus. We are both keeping one. Then, selling the other 3 to people in our neighborhood. My puppy is named Luna ❤. Hehe cx. Excited as shit. Max is going to get all high-like when we sell them, I am going to feel really bad for the passerbyers. But we are going to make sure Bailey’s puppies are going to good people. And since we are selling them to people in our neighborhood, Bailey will see her pups 24/7 whenever she wants.

Falling Action:

I found this kewl tumblr called teenager posts, you should really check it out. cx

Resolution  ❤

#Hawt Song:

Yeaa, I got a twitter ❤


Book Review

Mon chéris,

I recently got a polyvore! ^-^ My name is adinaheartsyou.

And yay for my 124 viewers! I would love for a subscriber. ❤

Book Reviews! ^-^

The Name of This Book is Secret by Psceudonymous Bosch

Summary: The story starts when real-estate agent for the dead named Gloria finds a mysterious box in a magician’s house called, The Symphony of Smells, and gives it to Cass and her substitute grandfathers. Cass meets Max- Ernest who talks a lot.  Cass and Max-Ernest investigate the dead magician’s – Pietro Bergamo – house only to get caught by a young couple; but not before they find a mysterious journal hidden in a secret room. Later the couple comes to their school looking for them but find a synesthete boy named Benjamin Blake after they examine a piece of art painted by him on display in the school. Cass decides its her job to save him. Cass decides to poses as one of the Skelton Sisters and visits the Midnight Sun. Cass then meets Owen, a stuttering servant who sets up her room and tries to make her comfortable. Max-Ernest and Cass reunite as Owen leaves to go about some business and they discover that the goal of the Midnight Sun is to achieve eternal youth. The duo save Benjamin and a fire breaks out, but before it is implied that Ms. Mauvais’ conspirator Dr. L is Pietro Bergamo’s brother Luciano. Owen drives all of them away back home in a limousine.  

Characters: 9, the characters are very realistic

Writing Style: 10, the author is hilarious!

Plot: 5, kind of confusing

Overall Rating: 8, pretty good it has it’s ups and downs

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Summary: The parents of the five-year-old Matilda Wormwood have no interest in their daughter. Matilda, , taught herself to read at three years old.  When she asks for a real book for herself, her father rudely turns her down and tells her to watch television instead.  Mr. Wormwood sells used cars for a living and tells Matilda how he cheats his customers Matilda accuses him of being a crook though he shrugs it off and insults her. Matilda resolves to teach her parents a lesson every time they do something wrong, carrying out a variety of pranks.Matilda’s father sells a car to Miss Agnetha Trunchbull, headmistress of Crunchem Hall Primary School. He arranges with her to have Matilda attend the school where she impresses her teacher Miss Jennifer “Jenny” Honey with her amazing intellectual capacity and mathematical ability.Miss Honey appeals to Miss Trunchbull to have Matilda moved up into an advanced class, but the child-hating headmistress refuses. Miss Honey also tries, in vain, to reason with Mr and Mrs. Wormwood, but she is not welcomed, and both parents make it clear that they are not interested either in Matilda or the value of education and learning. When Matilda’s friend Lavender places a newt in the Trunchbull’s glass of water, Matilda is blamed and the tyrant refuses to listen to her. Incensed by the injustice, Matilda soon discovers she has psychokinetic powers, as she focuses on the glass with her eyes, and surprises everyone by tipping it over right onto Miss Trunchbull. Befriended by Miss Honey, Matilda later proves to her that she made the glass move.. Matilda “haunts” Miss Trunchbull’s classroom as Magnus’ ghost.  Matilda visits Miss Honey in her new home often, but returns to her parents one afternoon to find them packing everything they have into the car, because they got punished. Matilda begs her parents to let her stay with Miss Honey, which they do so without a second glance back at her. She eventually discovers that she cannot use her powers anymore

Characters: 4, the characters are not that great

Writing Style: 7, got boring from time to time

Plot: 8, alright

Overall rating: 6, it was not an amazing book

City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare

Summary: Clary Fray and Simon Lewis are at a club where Clary witnesses a murder by a group of teens. A boy called Jace, who claims that the boy he murdered was a demon. The next day, Jace offers to take Clary to meet his tutor, but before she can do so, she receives a distressing phone call from her mother. She returns home to find her mother missing, the apartment trashed, and a monstrous creature, a Ravener demon, lying in wait for her. She defeats the creature by shoving Jace’s Sensor down its throat, but is injured in the process, and Jace takes her to his home. His home is called “The Institute”, an old cathedral in New York that humans, or mundanes, can’t see, because it is concealed by glamour. Here, she healsShe also meets Hodge Starkweather, Jace’s tutor, as well as his adoptive-siblings Isabelle and Alec Lightwood. Hodge then acquires the help of a monk with magical powers, called a “Silent Brother”, Jeremiah discovers a block on Clary’s mind, and takes her and Jace to the City of Bones, where the Silent Brothers attempt to break it. Although the attempt fails, Clary discovers flashes of information, particularly the name Magnus Bane, which, with Isabelle’s help, Clary traces Magnus Bane to a party, which she attends with Jace, Simon, Alec and Isabelle. There, they discover that Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn, and he placed the block on Clary, although his attempts to help her remember are unhelpful. During the party, Simon is turned into a rat by a faerie drink, and Jace and Clary go to a vampire-infested hotel to rescue Simon who has been taken home by a vampire. Jace takes Clary to the Institutes garden where they kiss and Simon walks in on them. Clary realizes where the Mortal Cup is and she, Jace, Isabelle, Alec, and Simon go and retrieve it. When Clary and Jace give the Mortal Cup to Hodge, he reveals he’s working for a man named Valentine who is meant to be dead. Valentine takes Jace. Clary goes after Hodge, but is kidnapped Clary finds out Valentine’s her father, and Luke and Clary track down Jace and Valentine. Valentine reveals that he is also Jace’s father, making them siblings. Luke then returns to fight Valentine, with Jace’s help, but Valentine escapes to Idris, where he has hidden the Cup. Clary retrieves her mother, who is in a coma, and takes her to a hospital. Clary and Jace meet at the Institute and express their frustration that they cannot be together forever like they once believed.

Charaters: 10, they are all amazing

Writing Style: 8

Plot: 9, for twisting the relationship a tad

Overall: 9.7


#Hawt Song:

 This song is super insiprational ❤

Heart you ❤

Live Read Soccer, Adina ❤